The smallbore competitions at TRPC consist of either conventional prone (160 shots) and metric prone (120 shots), both fired at distances of 50 yards and 100 yards (results are segregated according to the sighting system – iron sights or telescopic sights). The key difference is that the metric targets have scoring rings that are about ½ the size of the conventional targets.

The June 2021 match witnessed four records being re-written by Alan Wilson – records which Gene Pohlmann had owned since 2011.

Metric Aggregate (Scoped Rifle) – 1176–48X

Metric 50-Meter Aggregate (Scoped Rifle) – 394-17X

Metric 300-Meter Aggregate (Scoped Rifle) – 392-13X

Individual Target, Metric 300-Meter (Scoped Rifle) – 197-9X

Each of these records are new Range Records, as well as Club Records.

Submitted by: Ron Leraas, Match Director

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February 10, 2023

2023 Smallbore Prone & Light Rifle Prone Match Program

Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club. 2023 Smallbore Prone & Light Rifle Prone Match Program.

Master Match Program For Approved Smallbore Match 2023

September 2, 2022

Texas State Rifle Association 2022 State Garand Championship and Pistol EIC Matches

This match is a fundraiser to send the TSRA teams to Camp Perry each year to compete in the National Matches representing the Great State of TEXAS.


August 10, 2022

Attention Members

We are looking for current club members who would be interested in serving on the TRPC gun club board.  We have an election coming up in the fall and we are about to start our search for candidates who would like to serve as either a rifle, pistol or shotgun director starting in 2023 for a three-year term.  If you would like to be a part of the team that manages your club or you have questions please give me, Alan Wilson a call at 469-236-7242.