We have completed a berm repair project on The TRPC 100- and 200-yard ranges. The side berm between the two ranges was in need of raising and the 100-yard backstop needed to be reconditioned as well.

A crew of member volunteers came in on Monday the 22nd and cut and removed trees. They then proceeded to remove dirt that had eroded from the bottom of the 100-yard backstop and left-over dirt from the pistol ranges parking area and used it to raise and lengthen the side berm between the two rifle ranges. On Tuesday the 23rd our volunteers returned and rebuilt the target frame holders for the 100-yard range and by the end of the day the range was again open for your use along with increased parking for the pistol ranges.

If you get a chance, please be sure to thank the following volunteers. Equipment operators: Mark Franecki, Mark Turner, Gene Pohlman; Tree removal experts: Ron Chambers, John Ilzhoefer, David Blakemore, John Jebavy. Most of these people performed multiple jobs and the work would have never been completed without them and I would like to personally thank them all.

Alan M. Wilson, Rifle Director

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March 21, 2024

2024 TRPC Skeet Calendar

Jan 20 TRPC Registered Club Members and Guests 20 & 12 Gauge (166326) 3rd Saturday

Feb 24 TRPC Registered Club Members and Guests 28 & 12 Gauge (166327) 4Th Saturday

Mar 1-3 “Bill McCrary Memorial Open” Registered NSSA Shoot (166328) 1st Weekend

Jul 12-14 “Summer Open” Registered NSSA Shoot 4 Guns (166329) 2nd Weekend

Sept 7 “North Texas Juniors Open” Registered NSSA Shoot 12 Gauge (166330) 2nd Saturday

Oct 12 “Big Bore Open” Registered NSSA Shoot 12 Gauge (166331) 2nd Saturday

Nov 23 Kiwanis “Beauty and the Beast” 12 Gauge and 410 Bore Open Registered NSSA Shoot (166332) 4 h Saturday

Dec 21 TRPC Registered Club Members and Guests Dbls & 12 Gauge (166333) 3rd Saturday