The TRPC junior service rifle team program (The Androgynous Prairie Chickens) was established to teach marksmanship fundamentals to junior shooters and to help them improve their skills so they can qualify as a member of the Texas State Junior Service Rifle Team at the National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. The program is open to juniors from age fourteen through nineteen.

The program consists of classroom training, hands-on skills training, monthly club competitions, and selected key tournaments. Key tournaments are the Texas State Hi-Power Championships, the Panola County Gun Club Regional Tournament, and the Texas State Service Rifle Championships. Equipment (rifles, ammunition, spotting scopes) is provided by TRPC at no cost; certain personal items (shooting jacket, gloves) must be purchased by the shooter. Coaching and training is provided by experienced, qualified shooters who are also actively competing at a National level. Additional information may be found in the attached Junior Program Fact Sheet.

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July 12, 2023


TSRA 2023 CMP Games Champ Program Final (1)

May 8, 2023


The Terrell Rifle And Pistol Club would like to announce that Tim Cudia one of our board members has achieved a milestone.
Tim just celebrated his 85th birthday. Be sure to congratulate Tim when you see him and thank him for his ongoing service to our club.

April 28, 2023

2023 Smallbore Prone & Light Rifle Prone Match Schedule

Match Director: Alan Wilson Email:

Match Dates:

21 January Practice
18 February Practice
18 March Approved conventional 1200 / Light Rifle
15 April Approved conventional 1600 / Light Rifle
20 May Approved conventional 1600 / Light Rifle
17 June Approved conventional 1600 / Light Rifle
15 July Approved metric 1200 / Light Rifle
19 August Approved conventional 600 + Mini Palma / Light Rifle
16 September Approved metric 1200 / Light Rifle
21 October Approved conventional 1600 / Light Rifle
18 November Approved conventional 1600 / Light Rifle
16 December Approved conventional 600 + Mini Palma / Light Rifle